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The new style is sometimes

The new style is sometimes called Contemporary, International, Functional, or Twentieth Century; however, the term Modern is the one most generally used. The related term Modernism is in good standing, whereas Modernistic has come to refer to a superficial imitation of genuine Modern productions. Those who maintain that Modernism is only another fad or fashion do not realize that it is a part of that basic change, the great industrial revolution brought on by the machine. It would be strange indeed if the tremendous changes of the last century did not result in a revolution in taste, when there has been a revolution in our manner of living, in our ethical standards, and in our social attitude.

Contemporary bathroom vanity is synonymous with Classic style, a Gothnic or Romanesque style.The modern architects and designers employ the marvellous new materials and also make more dramatic use of old ones. This is applicable to modern double vanities as well. Each material seems to have its own special expressiveness; each one responds in its own way to machine processes. The textures of materials are important to Modern designers. During the first century of machine fabrication the articles produced were generally copies of handmade things.

They were often highly decorated with imitations of handwork. American manufactures, however, exhibited Modern home furnishings in the Modern buildings of the Chicago Exposition in 1933. Modern designers plan articles suitable for mass production by machine, a process that Americans have perfected.The designers seek also to produce good appearance and perfect functioning, so that many thousands of people will want the products, will be able to afford them, and will find them satisfactory. Thus for the first time art could be produced in common things for the common people standards of taste which were in the coming years eventually raised so that only things of beauty would be made. The most important tenet is absolute unity, or totality of impression, with close relationship of all the parts employed.

The structural integrity has perfect relationship of functionalism and mechanization. The form of the modern article is first of all functional.The forms created are suitable to machine production, gaining as much beauty and utility as possible from the machine tooling. The design used thus must permit honest and appropriate use of materials. There is creative use of texture and colour. Texture rich subtle effects are obtained by means if texture contrasts in materials. The gleam of the glass, the dull softness of cork, the cold hardness of metal, the unevenness of textured synthetic material, and the smoothness of bleached waxed wood are elements that can be utilized to give variety within unity.

Texture now takes the place formerly filled by texture ornamentation.Surface decoration is not desirable in Modern items for the machine does not produce it easily or appropriately. One important credo of the Machine Age is that design is not applied to an object but is brought out of it. Modern designers consider that surface decoration may BASIN WASTE DRAINER WITH OVERFLOW prevent full realization of the form of a beautiful object. Colour is usually subservient to form in Modern interiors. Monochromatic neutral colour is preferred with the addition of one brilliant colour. Some decorators prefer low-valued, simple colours. Those who consider Modern interiors cold and bare can counteract this effect by means of fresh warm colours. Modern designers make good application of the advancing and recessive qualities of colour.

Since the entire Modern movement is a dynamic evolving style, changes in it must be expected. Modern vanities are growing in popularities, particularly among young people who want sleekness and efficiency. The style expresses self-confidence and directness of youth. The uncluttered effect of Modern interiors may be of special benefit as an antidote to the confusion in a complicated world. Beauty is not the only objective in planning and furnishing a home. A home should be expressive of the personality of the owners and most, important of all, should function effectively. The ultimate goal to be attained in a home is the successful integration of the three objectives, beauty, expressiveness, and functionalism.

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